Climate change and sustainable environmental management have become the world’s main focus in recent years. Various researches carried out in local, regional and global scale show significant threats of changing environments in many dimensions. CORECT and CReSOS are two research groups from Brawijaya University and Udayana University which focus on application technology in climate change, natural disaster mitigation and adaptation. The scope of researches are in the coastal and marine environment.

Indonesia Japan Joint Scientific Symposium (IJJSS) 2019 is the 9th Symposium to be held by Faculty of Marine Science & Fisheries and Postgraduate Program -Udayana University, supported by CReSOS. IJJSS is one of the implementations of collaboration between Chiba University and sister Indonesian universities since 2004. The main purpose of this symposium is to provide a meeting that will enforce progress, stimulate growth and advance the state of knowledge between students and researchers from Indonesia and Japan, as well as those from countries around the world.

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) is a Japanese institute specializing in the areas of electronics, information and communication engineering, and associated fields. Established in 1917, currently, IEICE has the Engineering Sciences Society, NOLTA Society, Communications Society, Electronics Society, Information and Systems Society, and the Human Communication Group. Eighty-four technical committee conferences in relevant fields are held, with each being organized autonomously. This year, The Seminar On Microwave Remote Sensing (SOMIRES) becomes an annual IEICE activity.

In 2019, these three institutions collaborated to hold an International conference entitled Advanced Technology in Environmental Researchwhich will be held on 14-15 November 2019 in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia



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